Hello I am Whatever Green this is my online pen name (you really thought this was my name??) People get confused about WG STUDIO and WG lets set this straight Whatever Green is me… like this guy speaking you (1 Guy, me 🙂 ) WG STUDIO is an animation studio with x amount of members. got it?, good its getting more confusing from here. I like writing rubbish from my deep analysis in Pattens to my dumb views on humanity. I am an avid OPEN SOURCE and FOSS supporter I use Fedora Linux as my daily driver OS and have been loving it since. I personally love computer graphics and looking into creating my own 3D ray tracing engine nothing complex. Ohh and maths SICK no joke so many people give maths crap for being complex and stuff (it is ) but once you get how to do it everything is possible, from calculating how people will react to different environments to detecting PATTENS in nature and in general, I am going to be mentioning the word PATTEN’S a lot around here so yeah… Your probably wondering how I have enough time to do this as I am still in school… But I think your confused… I create time… I am time.


As said above there is a difference between WG and WG STUDIO. Hi we are an 3 Part studio that are creating shows animations web technologies and stuff like that… So you want to see what we have made check out our YouTube channel. We use BLENDER, KDENLIVE, AUDACITY, LMMS & GIMP (only open-source will do)

We are working on many shows at the same time… why dont you checkout our Shows page to see what we are up too